Issam Hajjar

The photo documentarist and archivist Issam al-Hajjar is since 2015 member of the team at the Syrian Heritage Archive Project in Berlin, where he is responsible for the digital collections.

His passion for photography began at the age of 18 when he discovered that the postcards of his hometown Damascus did not show an image of the city, as he saw it. He then began to take photographs in a documentary manner. At the Institut français du Proche-Orient (formerly IFEAD) in Damascus, he reorganized the photo archive and was involved in research projects such as the “Atelier de Vieux Damas”.

His own collection includes more than 100,000 photos from all over Syria, focusing on the natural and cultural heritage. He has devoted himself especially to the wider surrounding countryside of Damascus and its little-known monuments and natural landscapes.

His multi-volume documentation, which was created over three decades, has not yet been published.


Photo collection (selection)