Collection Rami Alafandi

The Aleppo-born archaeologist Rami Alafandi is doing his doctorate on “Designs and Motifs of Polychrome Wooden Panelling (ʿAjami) of Aleppine Houses During the Ottoman Period” at the Faculty of Architecture of the International Islamic University in Malaysia.

His interest in multicoloured wooden interior decoration resulted from restoration work as a volunteer at the Bait Ghazala. This house was also partially damaged by the fighting in Aleppo.
His collection of nearly 7000 photos, captured between 2004 and 2010, includes historical buildings in Aleppo and many other archaeological sites in Syria.

Since 2018, Rami Alafandi has been a part of the Aleppo-team “Crossroads Aleppo” of the Syrian Heritage Archive Project, where he works in the vicinity of the eldest and best conserved of all Syrian Ottoman wooden interiors, the “Aleppo Room” in the Museum of Islamic Art.


Photo collection (selection)