Crossroads Aleppo

Crossroads Aleppo:
Our city, common heritage, our memory
A project to document the World Heritage Site of Aleppo

The aim of the Crossroads Aleppo project is to reach Aleppinians in their mother tongue and to draw attention to the importance of the old town and its own cultural heritage as well as to lay the foundations for reconstruction.

The first three monuments are now extensively documented in Arabic and English – including the famous Umayyad Mosque. Crossroads Aleppo allows a discussion around the understanding of the Old Town and its reconstruction. The documents directly support the local actors. Scientific documentation on the reconstruction on site are in many cases not accessible or was looted.

The project is part of the Syrian Heritage Archive Project, located at the Museum of Islamic Art in the Pergamon Museum and has been funded by the Gerda Henkel Foundation since 2017. The next phase on 25 catalogue entries is in preparation.

More detailed and further information can be found on our website here.