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Cover to ‘Home’ [project site]: © Issam Hajjar (Palmyra)
Graphic Network [project site]: © Sandra Schaefer
Cover photo to the page ‘About us’ [project site]: © Sandra Schaefer (Citadel of Tell Sheikh Hamad, 2006)
Front cover of the page ‘Gallery’ [project site]: © Museum of Islamic Art (so-called Aleppo Room from Beit Wakil)
Cover to page ‘Syrian Heritage Initiative’ [project site]: © Museum of Islamic Art (so-called Damascus-niche)
Cover to page ‘Crossroads Aleppo’ [project site]: Source: L.I.S.A.: Grundlagenarbeit für die Jamiʿ al-Khusrawiyya
Jamiʿ al-Khusrawiyya, built in 1546–47 and destroyed in 2013, © Crossroads Aleppo: Nolli map: BTU Cottbus, Architectural drawings: Annalinda Neglia – Bari University,
Khusrawiyya Destruction: Syrian Ministry of Tourism and Damage Assessment Project