People + Heritage

How do people in Syria live? Where do they meet? And what do they talk about?

The newest among our Syrian Heritage Initiatives concerns itself with such questions. The Interactive Heritage Map of Syria works as a community archive, where stories on intangible heritage are the material to be collected and collaborative participation is the method. The topics are varied, and they thematically focus on the intangible heritage of Syria; Syrian music, common folktales, food, jokes, etc.

It builds on the work accomplished by other initiatives and uses our expansive network to encourage participation in the discussion on Syrian cultural heritage.

Whose cultural heritage are we talking about?

People are the ones who give value to heritage, their stories are what make the stone relevant. By offering our archive as an open-access interactive platform to be continually enriched through people’s contributions, stories, and feedback, we aim to bring different narratives of individuals and communities to the forefront of the discussion on Syrian cultural heritage.

Syrians around the world carry their local knowledge with them. Their memories, music, food, skills, and traditions should be valued and protected. Collecting stories on Syrian culture is not merely a documentation work to safeguard a cultural heritage in danger. Our objective is to integrate the local knowledge into a heritage map, where everyone can define their heritage for themselves.

Who can participate?

Everyone! If you think you have a good story to tell about life and culture in Syria, you are welcome to share it. Of course, all Syrians around the world are invited to join. However, if you have lived or visited Syria, you might have insightful stories to tell about the rich culture and traditions of Syria, and we would also love to hear what you have to say.

What will happen to my contribution?

The information you contribute to us will be checked by our editors before publishing. If your contribution is part of a current theme [link here to be updated depending on current theme/campaign], it will be published with other contributions of this theme. A selection of the contributions will be part of our interactive heritage map (under construction), meanwhile, we will also share entries regularly on our Facebook page. If you want to make sure to find out when your contribution is published follow our Facebook page to read regular entries.

How to participate?

We invite you to share your photographs, personal memories, family histories, and your community’s folklore to help us document people’s heritage of Syria using this form (see below: Contribute). The material you share must be your own material and it should always show respect to fellow users, avoid inflammatory offensive language and any form of discrimination.

The project is funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.